Victoria Azadinho Bocconi is a Brazilian-born industrial designer grown up and based in Brescia, Italy.

After studying Design Engineering in Italy and obtained a Master’s in Product Design in Spain, she started to design and develop products both industrial and handmaded.

Victoria believes that design is the junction point between talktiveness and silence: behind every project there is a story to tell but a object, if it is well designed, doesn’t need words to be explained.


2022 Stylepark Selected Award – Hevea
2018 Cobra re-loaded – Martinelli luce – 2nd prize
2018 It’s texture time – Fiora Touch Your Bathroom – Honorable Mention
2016 Design Creatività3 – ADI Associazione per il Disegno Industriale – winner project 
2016 3° Design Award – Riva 1920 – 1st prize – U26 category
2015 Design é Competition – ADI Associazione per il Disegno Industriale – winner project
Design Suite – idee da fissare – Caplavur + Swart – shortlisted project
Pinti Inox design “Come mangeranno?”- Pintinox – 1st prize
Pinti Inox design “Posate&Colori” – Pintinox – 2nd prize